February 8

Boat Classifieds

Boat (Bust Out Another Thousand)
Happiest days for a boat owner: The day he buys and the day he sells!
Boat (A hole in the water where you throw money.)

Okay, we all love boats. Especially here in Florida. Just here in Pinellas County there was *56,965 registered boats in 2005.
That was out of 924,413 residents! Over 1100 commercial vessels too. THAT IS OVER ONE BOAT FOR EVERY 16 PEOPLE!

So, you can jump on or off the “Boat Bandwagon” with ease! I have provided here a few places that will help you dive right in!
You can always resort to Craigslist but, just like our kids, whatever I tell you about Craigslist, you will have to find out for yourself and learn from your own mistakes.
Mere facts, my experiences combined with experiences of dozens of people I know, will fall upon deaf ears and I would have wasted some space here in this page. πŸ˜‰

I have also included a Boat Listing Website that SPECIALIZES in listing boats. It however, is not free. BUT, what they offer is WORTH EVERY PENNY!
BoatsFSBO puts you boat listing pictures and information on over 40 websites and can feature your boat in a mailing that goes to over 200,000 people in the market for a boat!
REALLY saves you a ton of time. Takes you less than five minutes to get maximum exposure on the biggest for sale by owner boat sites.


* Source: http://www.pinellascounty.org/facts.htm